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On September 23, 1958, Mr Richard Shipp convened a meeting of interested Suffolk breeders. This meeting was held at the Federal Hotel in Melbourne on the Tuesday of the Royal Show, and all States were represented from the 15 breeders present.

The formal decision was made to form a breed promotion association which was to be known as the “Suffolk Sheep Breeders Association of Australia”.

Office Bearers

Anthony Pearce


9A Springhead Road
Mount Torrens, SA 5244
Ph 08 8389 4175
Mo 0467 600 061
Em anthony@hillsfarmsupplies.com.au

Greg Good

Senior Vice President

"Bowen Suffolk Stud"
'Shearwood' Bowd Road
Millthorpe NSW 2798
Fax 02 6366 3082
Ph 02 6366 3348
Mo 0418 637 315
Em greggood@bigpond.net.au

Rachel Chrigwin

Junior Vice President

'Curlew Valley Suffolks'
P.O. Box 35
Saddleworth SA 5413
Ph 0428 600 265
Em rachel@cvsuffolks.com.au

Deva Weitman


"Blue Rock Suffolk Stud"
2133 Romsey Road
Romsey VIC 3434
Ph 0412 021 596
Em secretary@suffolks.com.au

State Delegates & Secretaries

Contact your State Secretary or Delegate to join your State Suffolk Breeders Association.

About the Society and our History

Much has been written over the years about the history of the Suffolk breed in the British Isles. The history of the breed in Australia is not as clear. The flock to hold the coveted No. 1 registration number was the Victoria stud of the Department of Agriculture Research Farm at Werribee in Victoria which was established in 1914 with two rams, 12 ewes and five lambs imported from various breeders in England.

Although ‘Victoria’ was the first registered stud, several Suffolk sheep were imported prior to this by a least two breeders.

As early as 1904, Mr F.E. Thonemann of Yarra Junction, imported sheep from England. Vol. 13 of the British Breed flock book shows the importation of a ram from Mr A. Chambers, a ewe from Mr Henry Lingwood and an unstated number of ewes from D. & A. Green. (This was thought to have been the first importation until the emergence of information on the Jackson flock).

Another breeder who could also have claims as to importing the first Suffolks to Australia was Mr G.R. Jackson of Ferndale, Mahonga, NSW, who imported sheep from the flock of Mr D. Abbott, Green Fingringhoe Hall, Essex, England (F103 S.F.B.). Through sheep purchased from this gentleman by Dr Gaze of Shepparton, Victoria, a line of Suffolks were to be the foundation sheep for many studs in Australia admitted by inspection.

It can be safely stated, however, that Mr F.E. Thonemann would have been the first breeder of Suffolk sheep in Victorian to eventually register a stud. The first stud registered in NSW was Mr Thomas Crawford of Orange, who in the year 1917, imported 12 ewes and one ram from England. The ram was bred in the ‘Grange’ stud of Mr Herbert E. Smith of Walton Grange, Suffolk, who, along with Mr D. Abbott Green, featured in many of the early importations to Australia.

However, it was not until 1923 before Mr Crawford applied for registration to the British Breed Society.

Tasmania, through the stud of Crozier and Reynold Pty Ltd of Melton Mowbray, was the third earliest State to introduce Suffolks when this stud purchased one ram and four ewes from Flock 1 – Werribee Research Centre. The first stud to be established and subsequently registered in South Australia, was the ‘Buckland Park’ stud of Mr G. & E.A. Brooks Ltd, Two Wells, which stared with the purchase of one ram and six ewes from Dr Gaze at Shepparton in 1912. Mr Brooks, in 1928, imported four ewes form various breeders in England. In 1926 the studs was admitted to the flock book by inspection.

*Information obtained from the Australian Suffolk Centenary History Book.

The Australian Suffolk Centenary History Book

"A history of 100 years of positive impact on the Australian sheepmeat industry”. Produced with the support of the Suffolk Sheep Society of Australia, the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association and the Australian Suffolk Association.