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Blue Rock Suffolk Stud

Fertility, Growth, Muscling and Superior eating quality is what you can expect when you purchase your Suffolk stud stock from Blue Rock Suffolk Stud.

Our large framed, deep bodied Suffolk are structurally correct and true to the breed type. Blue Rock Suffolk are bred to be hardy in all weather conditions. Lamb plan is used as a tool to measure and help further our quality control when it comes to growth, muscling and eating quality traits.

Enquiries and inspections always welcome.


Year Founded: 2007
Flock No: 2166
Brucellosis Accred No: 2459
OJD Status: MN1
OJD_No: VS1287
Ewes Mated: 70
Semen Available:

Deva Weitman

2133 Romsey Road, Romsey Victoria

Mobile: 041 2021 596


Web Site:



Pine Ridge Suffolk Stud

Pine Ridge consistently breeds for excellence in paddock and show ring performance maintaining extremely high standards each year. While we are mindful of Lambplan the stud is focused more on conformation, structure and breed type and also the breeding results our clients pass on to us.


Year Founded: 1990
Flock No: 1850
Brucellosis Accred No: 962
OJD Status: MN3 No S14
Ewes Mated: 20
Semen Available: Refer to our website

Helen Schultz

PO Box 967, Strathalbyn SA 5255

Also located at Branxholme Vic 3302

Mobile: 0419 845 622


Web Site:



Oberon Suffolk Stud

Oberon stud breeds big modern suffolks with excellent mothering ability and temperament. Rams and semen have been sourced from leading studs.

Over the years, elite ewes have been purchased from production sales and recently from Burwood, Pamellen, Aylesbury Farm & Kerangie flock dispersals, developing a flock of complimentary genetics.

The stud is run in the Central Highlands of Victoria on chocolate volcanic soils at an elevation of 700m 1hr and 15 minutes from Melbourne and Bendigo, 45 minutes from Ballarat and 5 minutes from Daylesford.

With lines of stud ewes, stud rams and flock rams usually available, enquiries are always welcome.


Year Founded: 2001
Flock No: 2067
Brucellosis Accred No: 3539
OJD Status: MN2 V VS1181
Ewes Mated: 110
Semen Available:

Bruce Rolfe


44 Dolphin's Road

Musk VIC 3461

Phone: 03 5348 5799

Mobile: 0490 068 203


Web Site:



Hopea Suffolk Stud

Hopea Suffolk Stud was founded in 2011. Since then we have increased our flock size to 110 mature breeding ewes (2021).

We strive to use and produce some of the best genetics available in Australia to give clients access to quality Suffolks.

We aim to produce fast growing lambs that meet growing market needs. This includes low birth weights to help decrease lambing difficulties and higher weaning weights to access lamb markets earlier.

We also aim for our sheep to have good conformation, length and muscling. We use lambplan performance testing on all sheep and visually assess them to be within the desired breed traits physically and with ASBV's.

Rams and ewes always available.


Year Founded: 2011
Flock No: 2200
Brucellosis Accred No: 2834
OJD Status: Vaccinated
Ewes Mated: 110
Semen Available: Semen is available for purchase

Ellie McDonald

5862 Western Highway

Dadswells Bridge VIC 3385

Phone: 03 5359 5369

Mobile: 0427 666 470


Web Site:



Deppeler Suffolks

At Deppeler Suffolks we are specialist stud breeders with a lifetime experience in the sheep industry. Currently running 60 Suffolk stud ewes together with 60 White Suffolk stud ewes. Located in Victoria's south west.

Our sheep are measured by Stockscan and this has resulted in greatly improved carcase. We have all required health accreditations.

Our sheep are bred to perform 'off grass' and except for show-teams we rarely supplement- this includes growing weaners.

"Stud sires and all rams transferred as stud rams are tested negative for Spider Syndrome".

Enquiries invited.


Year Founded: 1970
Flock No: 2102
Brucellosis Accred No: 3240
OJD Status: MN3 V
OJD_No: VS 1134
Ewes Mated: 60
Semen Available:

DA & L Deppeler

19 Harveys Lane

Derrinallum VIC 3325

Mobile: 0418 352 429


Web Site:



Bowen Suffolk Stud

Bowen Suffolk Stud is situated at Millthorpe aprox 30 klms south of Orange. Shearwood is aprox 1000m above sea level and has red basaltsoils.

Bowen Suffolks are Lambplan Tested and also have strong Scottish influence through 'Bowen Gordon' @ 'Bowen Harry' both 50% UK genetics.


Year Founded: 1994
Flock No: 1968
Brucellosis Accred No: CW96/13
OJD Status: MN3V
OJD_No: N111/01/1
Ewes Mated: 70
Semen Available:

Greg Good


Bowd Road

Millthorpe NSW 2798

Phone: 02 6366 3348

Mobile: 0418 637 315



The Australian Suffolk Centenary History Book

"A history of 100 years of positive impact on the Australian sheepmeat industry”. Produced with the support of the Suffolk Sheep Society of Australia, the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association and the Australian Suffolk Association.